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Sabine Arends Born in Germany, Sabine met her Canadian husband Scott 16 years ago in the United Arab Emerits. Working as a typesetter, a flight attendant, and caring for her family were the things Sabine did before she touched the first piece of glass and discovered that she loved it. Living in different cities during her husband's military career provided her with opportunities to connect with other creative minds. Sabine has taken classes in Saskatchewan, BC and California. The self-taught artist has achieved most of her skills by experimenting as well as developing ideas with other artists and students.

Her specialty is dichroic glass due to the magic effects and impressive color impacts of the material.


Fused Glass Plate
Glass, 9 x 9"

Salad Plate
Glass, 9 x 9"

Candle Holder
Fused Glass/Dichroic Glass, 
7.5 x 15"

Sun Catcher

Fused Glass Plate
Diochroic Glass, 8 x 12"